Petromark Automotive Chemicals B.V. is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of maintenance products for the automotive industry. When it comes to the development of high-quality fuel additives, Petromark is clearly ahead of competitive brands with the XERAMIC® products.

Through extensive research and constant development, we make the best use of the latest technologies, and we continue to shift boundaries in terms of performance and durability so that our users can achieve the best results with the XERAMIC® products.

The use of fuel additives in the automotive after-market has increased explosively in recent years, partly due to the acceptance of almost all automotive manufacturers and importers. Regularly applying a high-quality fuel additive has a positive effect on the operation and reliability of the engine. In short, a fuel system cleaner is part of the car's maintenance.

Now, XERAMIC®, under the designation "THE CONCEPT® for Professionals", introduces a unique concept that supports the workshops when selling a XERAMIC® fuel additive at every maintenance service at a customer-acceptable price of € 9.95 excluding VAT!

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